Rankings are based on best throws. However, with which weights? The various rules do not all agree on what is permitted. However, there is a general concensus and that is what is used in these rankings.

An example of this is the Novice class which is allowed to use the Masters weights. However, some events have them throw the heavier variants. Where the rules allow, this ranking system uses the lighter weight implements in this ranking.

Perhaps it is time for the rules to be reviewed for consistency throughout the sport.
  DIVISION... MEN HWD/WOB Men Sheaf Women HWD/WOB Women Sheaf
    PRO/ELITE 56 20 28 12
    HEAVY WEIGHT 56 20 28 10-12
    LIGHT WEIGHT 42 16-20 21 10-12
    MASTER 40-49 42 16-20 21 10-12
    MASTER 50-59 42 16-20 21 10-12
    MASTER 60-69 42 16-20 21 10-12
    MASTER 70+ 42 16-20 21 10-12
    NOVICE 42 16-20 21 10-12
    JUNIOR 21-28 10-12 21-28 10-12
Ranking is very subjective. Expecially where cabers are involved. Various caber scoring systems exist but are not applied uniformly throught the world. Therefore, this ranking site uses the 8 other events to determine ranking.

Another issue is the Sheaf. Older records do not include the Sheaf as it was not included in Games on the West Coast in the 20th Century.

Other issues arise when WOB results for standing and spinning are mixed. The choice to spin or stand throw is athlete by athlete; rarely only one style for an entire class. Plus, the rules allow both techniques. Since no one records which technique was used, it is not possible to separate ranking by WOB technique. Spinning will almost always result in a higher throw than standing. As of the start of 2020, there is a 1 foot difference in World Records for the WOB.

These rankings use a Decathlon method where each persons PRs are compared to published World Records as of January 2020. The resulting points are a percentage of how close the throw was to the World Record.

Decathlon ranking can reward specialists over generalist unfortunately. That means that a person who dominates one or two events will score higher than someone who scores high in most all events. That is the nature of Decathlon. When time allows, this site may provide both Decathlon and Sum of Event Ranking methods. The differences would be interesting.

Errors always seem to creep into any database system. If you find any errors, please notify the AD or Scorekeeper of record as soon as possible so they can correct their entry errors.